Hind Zantout BSc MSc PhD MBCS


CATEGORIES: Data Structures and Algorithms; Case-Based Reasoning Algorithms.

CONSULTANCIES: Associate (Algana Associates, 2000-); Associate (Richmond Arabian History of Computing Group 2002-);

CONTACT DETAILS: zantout@algana.co.uk

MAIN LOCATIONS: Gulf States; United Kingdom

PREVIOUS UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE: American University in Cairo (1998-); American University in Dubai (2009); Kingston University (UK, 2003-); Richmond The American International University in London (UK, 2000-)

PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS: E-Government, Business Information Systems, Information Visualization, Intelligent Agents and Machine Learning, Mathematics Education, Computer Science Education: Curricula and Industry Links. Her interests also cover cross-disciplinary fields to include topics in Business and Economics. She is keen on promoting awareness of problems related to the shortage of women in computing, and how they are being resolved in various countries.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Member of the British Computer Society

RECOMMENDED WEBSITES: American University in Dubai; RAHOC

OTHER INTERESTS: Fluent in English, German and Arabic, with some knowledge of French.